La Cro uses circuit-testing machines such as Cable Scan and Cirrus.

A quality program, with detailed record keeping procedures is applied to all projects and available for customer review.

La Cro builds custom testing inspection boards and uses 100% uniformity.

Blocking Terminal Retention Inspection Testing. A controlled push out force is applied against the inserted terminal to ensure proper seating of terminal.

La Cro provides 100% final inspection and in process inspection is performed also prior to shipment all products are tested and inspected by our trained quality control department standards. This guarantees our customers the highest reliability on all La Cro cables and assemblies. Quality Control Through Testing and Inspection.

All of our cable assemblies are built to last. By using only the highest quality of materials, along with standards and procedures that reinforce excellence. All cable harnesses/assemblies are thoroughly tested and examined multiple times during the production process before being shipped to guarantee optimal levels of function and durability.

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