La Cro Products, Inc. has many Crimping and Terming capabilities. The equipment listed below will help to assist in cost efficient production and ensure quality.

Komax Alpha 530 & Gamma 333pc

La Cro has two Komax automated lead makers consisting of a Alpha 530 and a Gamma 333pc. These machines can process 10 awg. to 30 awg. wires. They cut, strip and terminate wires to ensure highest quality, for cost reductions on both small and large runs. This maximizes production savings. These computerized machines have a Graphic Based Topwin Software that maintains consistency and crimp force monitoring. They also terminate one or both ends and the leads may be hot stamped or inkjet printed.


Terminating Presses

La Cro has many applicators and hand tools in stock, available to crimp most terminals including Molex, Amp (Tyco), Packard, Panduit, Elcon, Positronics, Thomas and Betts, and Deutsch.


IDC – Insulation Displacements

This machine is a Tyco Bench Mount Power Unit.

The wire inserter inside each head pushes the end of an unstripped wire into the insulation displacement contact.

Schleuniger Crimpers

Bench Top unites for crimping wire and cable from 28 awg to 3/0 wires.

Pico Rail Feed

The Pico Series 600 Automatic Feed Crimping Machine accepts sizes 12 through 22 closed barrel pin and socket contacts in bulk form. This machine will accommodate shoulderless and shoulder type contacts as well. Utilizing a full cycle control crimping mechanism, performance requirements to all applicable specifications are met. This machine has been designed to achieve optimum production rates up to 2,000 terminations per hour.

Daniels Crimper

These pneumatic tools are widely used in both military and proprietary programs. Their popularity has come about in part because of their unequaled reputation for trouble-free, dependable service and their cost saving and adaptability. Whether upper, middle or lower range, the power tools fulfill the same precise crimp requirements as the hand models. They use the same indenter configuration, the gaging dimensions and selector settings. Accurate calibrations in maintained by a unique 8 step machined steel block that holds gaging tolerances far longer than the usual adjustment screw method. This solid gaging means high output with less downtime.

Flat Ribbon Press

Terminates ribbon and Flat Flex Wire Connectors. Connectors are pressed on without stripping wire.